How to submit a Special Issue proposal

by joe deville April 23, 2015

The journal has a track record of hosting a range of high quality Special Issues and we very much welcome proposals for future issues.

In order for Special Issue editors to maximise the change of their proposals being successful, the editors thought it might be helpful to be granted access to a sample.

Alberto Corsín Jiménez has been kind enough to grant permission for us to make public the proposal he submitted for the subsequently published ‘Prototyping Cultures’ Special Issue (about which you can read more here).1 This proposal can be accessed here:


Authors should not feel that they have to follow this format strictly. However, this sample document does provide a good model in terms of both its clarity of ambition and the coherence of the issue.

Please contact the editors for any queries about the expectations concerning Special Issue proposals, or if you would like to discuss particular proposals before submission.


1. This document has been edited to remove papers included in the proposal but not in the final issue.