Hannah Appel

by JCE February 8, 2015

Hannah Appel is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at UCLA. Her work looks at the daily life of capitalism, the private sector in Africa, and the economic imagination. She is currently finishing a book manuscript–Futures: Oil and the Licit Life of Capitalism in Equatorial Guinea–that dwells on questions of infrastructure, the contract and the corporate form, and the ethnographic life of Equatorial Guinea’s national economy. Her next project—Pan African Capital: Finance, Banking, and Economic Self-Fashioning— continues to look at the licit life of capitalism in Africa’s private sector, based on ethnographic work with an African-owned bank operating in over thirty countries on the continent. Hannah also works with Strike Debt and the Debt Collective, projects that reimagine finance, capitalism, and economic possibilities for our time, demanding that the tools of critical theory and the anthropology of finance be tested and sharpened in dynamic public praxis.