Sarah Green

by JCE February 8, 2015

Sarah Green is Professor and Head of Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Helsinki. She specializes on issues of location and borders, which provide a means to analyze how people classify the world, their location in it as well as the location of others. She is interested in the political, social, economic, epistemological and historical dynamics involved in that process of defining the difference between here and somewhere else and then attempting to make it so. With that in mind she has worked on a range of topics, including the politics of sexuality and the development of queer in London; the introduction of broadband internet to Manchester; the political and epistemological dilemmas presented by Balkan border dynamics; the understanding of money and achievement amongst new financial elites in the UK; concepts of personhood in the Aegean region, especially in the treatment of deceased undocumented migrants; and the development of new approaches towards the study of border dynamics. She is author of Notes from the Balkans (2005), Urban Amazons (1997), and joint author of Borderwork (2013) with Lena Malm (photography; additional contribute ons by Robin Harper and Markus Drake).