Journal of Cultural Economy

The Journal of Cultural Economy is concerned with the role played by various forms of material cultural practice in the organisation and design of the economy and the social, and of the relations between them.

As such it is a unique interdisciplinary forum for work on these questions from across the social sciences and humanities. These include, but are not restricted to, the contributions of governmentality, pragmatism, narrative analysis, actor network theory and science and technology studies and associated debates about valuation, measurement, performativity and performance in economy, culture and society.

In cultural studies, feminism and sociology, a range of perspectives have been deployed to explore the making up of social and organizational identities, and this has been complemented by approaches to the governance of economies and of the social stimulated by Foucault’s work on ‘governmentality’. This has been paralleled by important historical work on the relations between culture, economy and the social. A renewed focus on material cultures of production and consumption has also been animated by the work of Gilles Deleuze and Pierre Bourdieu. While all of these approaches to the relations between culture, economy and the social have interacted with and influenced each other, there has been a relative shortage of debate across and between them. Journal of Cultural Economy seeks to remedy this deficiency by providing the premiere forum for debating the relations between culture, economy and the social in all their various manifestations

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