ANNOUNCEMENT: Changes to our editorial line-up, part 2

by JCE September 7, 2017

We are excited to announce that Carolyn Hardin has agreed to join JCE’s editorial team as the editor of the journal’s Reviews and Commentaries section.

Carolyn Hardin is Assistant Professor of Media and American Studies at Miami University, Ohio. Her research combines cultural studies and political economy approaches to examine the culture of finance. Her teaching focuses on rethinking conceptions of representation and technology in media studies and on the relationship between debt and American culture. She has written on the topics of neoliberalism, debt, retirement investing, value, financial technology and arbitrage and her work has appeared in journals including Cultural Studies, Journal of Cultural Economy, and American Quarterly. Her current book project entitled Money Machines: A Critique of Finance examines the history and culture of the obscure financial trading technique known as arbitrage. Her current research project focuses on the contemporary crisis of representation in popular and financial contexts.

Carolyn has previously served as an author and guest editor for JCE. In 2015, JCE published her article, co-authored with Adam Rottinghaus, entitled “Introducing a Cultural Approach to Financial Technology.” In 2017, she returned as guest editor of the special issue “Intersections of Cultural Studies and Finance,” which included her contribution “The Politics of Finance: Cultural Economy, Cultural Studies and the Road Ahead.” She has written elsewhere about neoliberalism, debt, retirement investing, and value. As part of the Cultures of Finance working group at NYU, the Charisma Network, the Association for Cultural Studies, and the Cultural Studies Association, she has worked to create fruitful collaborations between cultural economy approaches and cultural studies.

Of her new role as Reviews and Commentary Editor at JCE, Carolyn writes:

I began graduate school the year that the Journal of Cultural Economy was launched and have felt a strong sense of affiliation and community with its authors and readers ever since. I’m excited and energized to join the incredible editorial staff and continue the innovative work Taylor Nelms, and Joe Deville before him, have done with the Reviews and Commentary section. JCE’s position as curator and facilitator of the interdisciplinary cultural economy field makes working on its production a unique and valuable opportunity. I look forward to taking on this new role within the JCE community and serving the readership with timely and compelling reviews and commentary.

Please give Carolyn a very warm welcome!