Book reviews free to access

by Journal of Cultural Economy March 4, 2016

The Journal of Cultural Economy is pleased to announce that all of its book reviews, review essays, and commentaries published from 2016 forwards will be permanently free to access, without subscription.

This marks the editors’ commitment both to the Reviews and Commentary section and to opening up the journal to as broad an audience as possible. By allowing contributors and the texts they review to receive a wider level of attention, we hope to support the continuing expansion of interest in debates within and around cultural economy.

Recent free access reviews

A review essay by Radman Selmic on Janet Roitman’s Anti-Crisis.

A review by Sarah Hall of Paul Langley’s Liquidity Lost.

A review by Amin Samman of Joseph Vogl’s The Specter of Capital. 

A review by Jessica Pykett of Sam Binkley’s Happiness as Enterprise. An essay on neoliberal life.

A review by Miranda J. M. Iossifidisa of Davina Cooper’s Everyday Utopias: The Conceptual Life of Promising Spaces.

A review by Sarah Marie Rugginsa of Duo Qin’s A History of Econometrics: The Reformation from the 1970s.