Volume 9, Issue 2

by JCE April 11, 2016

Journal of Cultural Economy, Volume 9 Issue 2 is now available online on Taylor & Francis online


Themed Section – Unsettling Issues

Guest editors Philip Roscoe and Barbara Townley

Introduction – Unsettling Issues: Valuing Public Goods and the Production of Matters of Concern

Philip Roscoe and Barbara Townley


What Price Evidence? The Ethics of Office and the Ethics of Social Science in British Cultural Policy

Dave O’Brien


Keeping Things Different: Coexistence within European Markets for Cleantech and Biofuels

Liliana Doganova and Brice Laurent


Valuations of Experimental Designs in Proteomic Biomarker Experiments and Traditional RCTs

Claes-Fredrik Helgesson, Francis Lee, and Lisa Lindén



Monetary Organization and National Identity: A Review and Considerations

Anders Sørensen


Coordinating Quality Practices in Direct Trade Coffee

Emil Holland, Chris Kjeldsen, and Søren Kerndrup


The Logic of Practice in the Practice of Logics: Practicing Journalism and its Relationship with

Business in Times of Technological Changes

Elena Raviola and Paola Dubini


Reviews and Commentaries

REVIEW ESSAY: Convention Theory and Neoliberalism

Rainer Diaz-Bone


BOOK REVIEW: Happiness as Enterprise: An Essay on Neoliberal Life

Jessica Pykett


BOOK REVIEW: Everyday Utopias: The Conceptual Life of Promising Spaces

Miranda J. M. Iossifidis


BOOK REVIEW: A History of Econometrics: The Reformation from the 1970s

Sarah Marie Ruggins