Cecilia Rikap

by JCE December 13, 2022

Cecilia Rikap is a permanent Lecturer in International Political Economy (IPE) at City, University of London and programme director of the BSc in IPE at the same university. She is a tenure researcher of the CONICET, Argentina’s national research council, and associate researcher at COSTECH lab, Université de Technologie de Compiègne. She is also an advisor for Argentina’s Ministry of Health. Cecilia’s research is rooted in the political economy of science and technology, science and technology studies and the economics of innovation. She currently studies the rising concentration of intangible assets leading to the emergence of intellectual monopolies, among others from tech and pharma industries, the distribution of intellectual (including data) rents, resulting geopolitical tensions and the effects of knowledge assetization on the knowledge commons and development. She has published two books on these topics: Capitalism, Power and Innovation: Intellectual Monopoly Capitalism uncovered (Routledge) and The Digital Innovation Race: Conceptualizing the Emerging New World Order (Palgrave), the latter co-authored with B.A.K. Lundvall.