Federico Neiburg

by JCE February 8, 2015

Federico Neiburg is professor in Social Anthropology at the National Museum of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is also principal investigator at the Brazilian National Science Council and the coordinator of the Research Group on Culture and Economy (NuCEC, www.nucec.net). In English, he has co-edited (with Lygia Sigaud and Benoit de l’Estoile) Empires, Nations, and Natives: Anthropology and State-Making (Duke UP), and has published a number of articles in journals as Comparative Studies in Society and History, Cultural Anthropology Social Anthropology and Anthropological Theory. His main fields of interest are the anthropology of money and numbers, the links between ordinary and erudite economic practices and ideas and the dynamics of popular economy. He is now preparing a book based in a collective research he has been conducted in the Republic of Haiti since 2007.