Janet Roitman

by JCE February 8, 2015

Janet Roitman is a Professor at the New School for Social Research. Prior to her appointment at the New School, she was a member of the Institut Marcel-Mauss (CNRS-EHESS) and served as an instructor at Sciences-po, Paris. Her research covers topics of political economy, the anthropology of value, economization, and emergent forms of the political. Her book, Fiscal Disobedience: An Anthropology of Economic Regulation in Central Africa (Princeton University Press, 2005), inquires into emergent forms of economic regulation in the region of the Chad Basin and consequential transformations in the nature of fiscal relations and citizenship. Her recent book, Anti-Crisis  (Duke University Press, 2014), inquires into the status of the concept of crisis in social analysis, taking the varied accounts of the “2007-08 subprime mortgage crisis” as a point of demonstration.