Paul Langley

by JCE February 8, 2015

Paul Langley is Reader in Economic Geography at Durham University in the UK, and previously held posts at Northumbria University and University of York. Paul’s research has contributed to the critical study of financial markets and financialization in human geography and across the social sciences. His work to date has developed through the publication of three single-authored monographs: World Financial Orders (Routledge, 2002, reprinted 2013), which addresses the historical rise and fall of leading financial centres as key spaces in the organization of wholesale financial markets; The Everyday Life of Global Finance (Oxford University Press, 2008), which explores the contemporary interrelationships between the wholesale markets and everyday forms of saving and borrowing in the USA and UK; and Liquidity Lost (Oxford University Press, 2014), which offers an innovative analysis of how the recent global financial crisis was governed. Paul’s current research is focused on two new projects, one examining the growth of crowdfunding as a new digital domain of money and finance, and the other exploring the financialization of urban infrastructures.