Zenia Kish

by JCE June 3, 2020

Zenia Kish is an Assistant Professor of Media Studies at The University of Tulsa. She received a PhD in American Studies from New York University, and is a former postdoctoral fellow at Stanford University. Her work emerges at the intersection of critical finance studies, digital media studies, and transnational American studies with a focus on ethical finance cultures and the datafication of food and agriculture. Her work examining race, finance, and development has been published in journals including American Quarterly, Cultural Studies, and Environment and Planning A. She is currently working on a book that explores the transformation of U.S. philanthropy through emergent media practices that rearticulate identity, inequality, and international development through financial logics. She is co-editor of the forthcoming anthology, Instagram and Food, one of the first book-length explorations of Instagram’s role in platform capitalism. She is also a member of the NSF-funded Agri-Food Technology Research Project (AFTeR), based at UC Santa Cruz, and a board member of the Journal of Environmental Media.