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Deficit, what deficit? The politics of financial fact

Pensions are under threat. You will be familiar with the headline numbers – pensions slashed by over half, to a level where the very survival of the university sector seems in jeopardy. I have done the numbers, like everyone else, and they make grim reading. But how did this whole mess come about? At root, it’s a struggle over risk and who should carry it.

Olivier Godechot: a classic work, in translation

Taylor Nelms introduces an exciting new piece in the journal: a translation of Olivier Godechot's classic study of finance, first published in French in the journal Politix in 2000

Is It Art? Is It a Hoax?

JCE editors Bill Maurer and Taylor Nelms interview Akseli Virtanen, a founder and current chairman of the Robin Hood Asset Management Cooperative, which packages Deleuzo-Marxist critical theory and big data-backed algorithmic trading of financial assets into a member-owned and -run cooperative enterprise