Bad Vibes: An Argument About the Quality of Our Values; JCE 10th Anniversary Event at EGOS

by JCE June 28, 2017

July 6 18.30, Copenhagen Business School, Solbjerg Plads 3, Rotunden 2nd floor


In an early January 2017 press release, Pérou (Pôle d’exploitation des ressources urbaines), the urban research and activism association, warned that destruction of the Calais Jungle “had to be registered in the pages of French history as an act of war”. The destruction, by order of the French Government, of the streets, buildings and facilities of this creatively organized space was defended by its perpetrators as an act of care moved by a sense of “human dignity”. Reflecting on his participant ethnography in the Calais Jungle, Antoine Hennion, sociologist of attachments, moral quandaries and pragmatic reasons, will take us on a stroll down the roads of the Jungle, along the paradoxes of virtue and humanity, the hope and blindness of “us”, then “them”, and the “others”. While “we” sip a few drinks and grab some snacks we raise a self-conscious toast to Bad Vibes in the face of the Good Organization!


The Journal of Cultural Economy invites all EGOS attendees interested in depressing contrasts, inconvenient attachments, deplorable cultures and regrettable values to mark its 10th anniversary and the publication of two books collectively authored by our board members and friends, Capitalization: a Cultural Guide and Markets and the Arts of Attachment, that try to figure out what use culture and its proxies are amidst all these bad vibes.