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Milton Keynes of the Mind: JCE 10th anniversary event 29 June, Milton Keynes

We are excited to announce that the JCE is co-sponsoring 'Milton Keynes of the Mind' in collaboration with the Open University Citizenship and Governance Strategic Research...

Explaining the end of the military tutelary regime and the July 15 coup attempt in Turkey

Koray Caliskan examines the dynamics behind the July 15 2016 coup attempt in Turkey. At a time when academic literature has been focusing on the dissolution of the country’s military tutelary regime, how can this military coup attempt be explained?

alt.economy: Ethnographic Explorations of Alternative Economic Imaginaries

Taylor Nelms reflects on the JCE sponsored alt.economy workshop, the full version of which is published in the journal.

Olivier Godechot: a classic work, in translation

Taylor Nelms introduces an exciting new piece in the journal: a translation of Olivier Godechot's classic study of finance, first published in French in the journal Politix in 2000

Free Access reviews: 6 months in

Looking back at the first six months of the journal's new Free Access Reviews and Commentary section.

Pragmatics of Money Special Issue: Introducing the authors

To mark the publication of the ‘Pragmatics of Money’ special issue, edited by Melinda Cooper & Martijn Konings, we invited the contributors to introduce themselves and the various projects they are working on.

Is It Art? Is It a Hoax?

JCE editors Bill Maurer and Taylor Nelms interview Akseli Virtanen, a founder and current chairman of the Robin Hood Asset Management Cooperative, which packages Deleuzo-Marxist critical theory and big data-backed algorithmic trading of financial assets into a member-owned and -run cooperative enterprise

In Vivo Economies: Special Issue now out

We are pleased to announced that the In Vivo Economies special issue of the journal (volume 8, issue 3), edited by

Methods as Devices

Evelyn Ruppert provides a reflection on The Social Life of Methods: Devices Special Issue of Journal of Cultural Economy (Volume 6, Issue 3, 2013), which she co-edited with John Law.

Journal of Cultural Economy: Futures and Pasts

In September 2014, four of the editors of the Journal of Cultural Economy -- Tony Bennett, Joe Deville, Bill Maurer and Liz McFall -- gathered for the last Centre for...

In conversation with ... Bill Maurer

We are delighted that Bill Maurer has joined the Journal of Cultural Economy editorial team. Here we reproduce an extract of an interview with him,...

Fictions of Finance

Peter Knight provides an overview of the Fictions of Finance Special Issue of Journal of Cultural Economy (Volume 6, Issue 1, 2013).

Prototyping cultures: art, science and politics in beta

Alberto Corsín Jiménez provides an overview of the Prototyping Cultures Special Issue of Journal of Cultural Economy (Volume 7, Issue 4, 2014).