Milton Keynes of the Mind: JCE 10th anniversary event 29 June, Milton Keynes

by JCE June 8, 2017

We are excited to announce that the JCE is co-sponsoring ‘Milton Keynes of the Mind’ in collaboration with the Open University Citizenship and Governance Strategic Research Area. The event marks  the 50th anniversary of Milton Keynes and the 10th anniversary of the journal by returning to the vexed question of culture and what it can lend to understanding the life of a new town.

Is it really the cultural economy, stupid?

MK Gallery, Midsummer Boulevard, 29 June, 2pm

Peter Campbell, Joe Deville, James Kneale, Liz McFall, Liz Moor, Fabian Muniesa, Dave O’Brien, Katy Wheeler debate what it means to talk about ‘cultural economy’ with Milton Keynes in mind.


Milton Keynes of the Mind: What does it mean to have a whole new town in mind?

Middleton Hall, Centre:MK, 29 June, 10am

What goes into making a city that doesn’t exist? Plans for new towns like Milton Keynes were closely tied to economic and demographic predictions of who its population would be and what kind of lives they would lead. How will future folk earn, travel, spend, play and recover from all their labours?  The Milton Keynes Development Corporation responded with an imaginarium designed with our future selves in mind. The result is a paradoxical mix of grand designs, practical compromises and significant follies. Drawing on nearly 50 years of Open University teaching and research, participants explain what it takes to imagine, orchestrate, govern, work and make a life in a place like Milton Keynes.


Picture credits: Drone MK